Fortuity [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Fortuity:

It all rested on the fortuity of her getting five minutes alone with him.

His succession to the throne was rather a fortuity than the result of hereditary claim.

But such a chance, such an absolute and actual fortuity, is a chimera which never occurs in nature.

In the Bible there is no fortuity: a great secret was hidden here.

Let us change the situation then, but let us change it thoroughly, and so that its fortuity becomes powerless, and a law!

If by some immense fortuity there came a day when they were not sprinkled with innocent blood the poor souls s'ennuyaient.

By some odd fortuity, a phonograph broke into wheezy song as the wayfarers swung down the street.

The permanency and durability of books is largely a matter of relativity and fortuity.

To be sure we accept a divine arbitrament, but by no means a natural fortuity.

He is the favourite poet of the country by a happy fortuity rather than by the merit of special native inspiration.