Fortunes [noun]

Definition of Fortunes:

wealth, possessions

Synonyms of Fortunes:

Opposite/Antonyms of Fortunes:

Sentence/Example of Fortunes:

They are speeding up trading on financial markets, making and losing fortunes in micro-seconds.

Patrick Howell O’Neill profiles Israeli spyware company NSO, which has quietly built up its fortune by helping governments around the world snoop on people.

Today’s cannabis industry is a constantly shifting landscape of legal developments, policy changes, company fortunes, and product innovations.

Unlike other rich women of her time, Scripps worked for her fortune instead of marrying or inheriting it, McClain said.

Backlinks are one way to get this boost without spending a fortune.

Pichai and Cook’s combined net worth is a rounding error in their colleagues’ fortunes.

The child then grew through various hardships to call himself Ebisu or Yebisu, thereby becoming the patron god of fishermen, children, and most importantly wealth and fortune.

Sleek finds it far harder work than fortune-making; but he pursues his Will-o'-the-Wisp with untiring energy.

The fortune was proving quite as large as he had expected, and not even an inquest had been held upon the dead man.

But "the cards never forgive," and as a rule Dame Fortune is relentless to the reckless player.