Forty [adjective]

Definition of Forty:

having 40 of something

Synonyms of Forty:

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Sentence/Example of Forty:

Botanists have enumerated between forty and fifty varieties of the tobacco plant who class them all among the narcotic poisons.

It succeeds best in a deep rich loam in a climate ranging from forty to fifty degrees of latitude.

After about the forty-fifth year it becomes gradually less; after seventy-five years it is about one-half the amount given.

It was Wednesday night; over forty men sat down to the house-dinner at the Pandemonium Club.

The moon rose on a terrified mob trudging or riding the forty miles of road between Meerut and the Mogul capital.

The croupier announces, intoning as does a high-church curate, "There is seven hundred and forty pounds in the bank, gentlemen."

The croupier pushes the seven hundred and forty pounds of the unlucky player a foot nearer to the bank.

During the summer of 1862 between forty and fifty thousand loyal State militia were organized.

Thus the whole State became one vast armed camp, nearly forty thousand men on a side, arrayed against each other.

I should pay a capable secretary like you—knowing several languages and all that—say forty dollars a week.