Forum [noun]

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For years, he said, they’d carried out attacks like this and handled payments on a well-known hacking forum.

One of their products claims to collect 10 terabytes of data a day, or two to three petabytes per year, from web pages, forums, Twitter, Facebook, WeChat, and other sources.

Jennifer has been in the SEO industry for over twenty-years, and she has helped the community through her writing, forum moderation, social media involvement, speaking and much more.

He said the district did a tremendous job talking to parents and gathering data through parent forums in recent weeks, but feels those sentiments were ignored.

During the days, smaller forums and panels will take place as well.

A third, circular temple stood between the forum and the south gate.

The Callevan Forum seems in general simpler than others, but its basilica is remarkably large.

If the ceremony took place on the lberlia, the forum was sure to be crowded with similar processions of rejoicing friends.

When the address in the forum was not authorized, one was sometimes given more privately at the grave or at the house.

In case they come to no agreement, they shall before noon enter the case in the comitium or forum.