Forwarding [verb]

Definition of Forwarding:

aid, expedite

Synonyms of Forwarding:

Opposite/Antonyms of Forwarding:

Sentence/Example of Forwarding:

In Google’s FAQs it says that the forwarding number will be triggered by the “call” button on the business profile.

Reasonable facilities for receiving and forwarding traffic The subject of undue preference, which was forbiddenp.

His answer was, that the direct method would be by forwarding a petition in the way proposed when at the lobby.

As to the comforts for the men, those you sent by post have arrived, but not all coming through the forwarding officer.

I could not be instrumental in forwarding an anonymous Letter however proper, respectful and dictated by the Highest Motives.

The theatre had been taken by a young amateur who carries on a business of forwarding oranges and other fruit.

The relief committee at once made arrangements for the forwarding of supplies to meet Stanley at Mpwapwa.

The bag was merely labelled "Forwarding Mail" in letters that could be seen at ninety feet.

Officers hurried to and fro, silently and hastily forwarding the preparations for the retreat.

When freshets (or floods) take place, then is the time chosen for forwarding the logs to the different mills.