Forwardness [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Forwardness:

My wife is still in the country; my house all in dirt; but my work in a good forwardness, and will be much to my mind at last.

He fell into a chaffing way with his children and laughed heartily at Marian's forwardness.

Here we are more concerned with that forwardness to serve humanity, which he made the other mark of the true nation.

Then, half-ashamed and startled at her forwardness, her gaze dropped.

The frost was followed by glowing heats, and a wonderful forwardness of flowers and fruits.

The Otaheiteans have the most perfect easiness of manners, equally free from forwardness and formality.

She questioned just how much active care she might take of Lady Calmady without indiscretion of over-forwardness.

He was very unresponsive, and showed in his face that he thought little of this exhibition of American forwardness.

And they curled their lip with real dislike of the girovago: his forwardness, his impudent aggressiveness.

When a hat arrives at that state of forwardness ready for finishing, it is a very unsightly object to any person but a hatter.