Fossil [noun]

Definition of Fossil:

organic remains of a previous time

Synonyms of Fossil:

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Sentence/Example of Fossil:

Similar blackouts many years ago lead the state to transition away from fossil fuels like natural gas to renewable energy.

The amount of sea level rise depends roughly on how much fossil fuels humans burn in the coming decades causing global temperatures to spike, which eventually leads to the melting of ice in the Arctic and Antarctic and swelling of the oceans.

We know them from the fossils, footprints and tools they left behind.

The energy transition is not only about using green fuels instead of fossil fuels, and then it’s over.

These agreements offer an opportunity to push traditional and mostly fossil fuel-based power companies toward more renewable energy and could help slow the warming of the planet.

Sempra Energy is also investing in gas production and the exporting of fossil fuels to other countries in a time that we need to prioritize clean energy.

Until hominid fossils are found at Fa-Hien Lena, it’s hard to say who occupied the site, says New York University archaeologist Justin Pargeter.

Using fossil fuels releases far more methane — a potent greenhouse gas — than people had thought.

Sharp cuts in the use of fossil fuels will be needed to reach emissions targets set in 2015 by the United Nations’ Paris Agreement.

That estimate is based on studying fossils and seafloor sediments collected closer to the equator.