Fostering [verb]

Definition of Fostering:

promote, support

Synonyms of Fostering:

Opposite/Antonyms of Fostering:

Sentence/Example of Fostering:

However, madame, I count upon it that you will be able to dispel such doubts as I am fostering.

Year by year the head of game in the Walls End preserves, under Haggard's fostering care, had increased.

Even the fact that Santa Fé had been for a period under the fostering wings of the American eagle did not make it grow much.

These were the very old, and those who had lived through their fostering were paying them beautiful tribute.

That organ has only to exhale, in its degree, a fostering tropic air in order to produce complications almost beyond reckoning.

Like the Arab mare, it grew to maturity under the fostering care of its owner.

He little thought what a formidable enemy he was then fostering at the court of his obsequious brother sovereign.

For more than a century it had been the policy of France to strengthen herself by fostering the internal dissensions of Germany.

But charity requires, in common with other virtues, the fostering influence of habit.

Fauchet was busy fostering opposition long before the treaty came back for decision by the Senate.