Fosters [verb]

Definition of Fosters:

promote, support

Synonyms of Fosters:

Opposite/Antonyms of Fosters:

Sentence/Example of Fosters:

Why use dangerous cosmetics when Jones' soap retains youth and health for the complexion, and fosters the development of beauty?

This knowledge not only fosters intelligent and fruitful experiment but it prevents the doing of foolish things.

Birket Fosters copy sold in 1894 for 255; and Mr. Tooveys, with title and verses in facsimile, for 169.

One trouble with dormitory school life is that it fosters leisure-wasting and time-wasting "gang" habits.

But the virtues of the hero were united with all the railings and vices which a military life creates, or at least fosters.

I sent my agent to the Fosters' box, asking them to call upon me in my loge at the end of the opera.

It is a common experience everywhere that long-continued use begets and fosters the feeling of ownership.

In popular apprehension there is much that is admirable in the type of manhood which the life of sport fosters.

In the forest depths, amongst imbosoming hills, the rugged sire fosters the vowed follower of Diana.

A feeling of attachment becomes conscious with each of them, slight association fosters this feeling, it increases.