Fought [verb]

Definition of Fought:

engage in physical encounter

Opposite/Antonyms of Fought:

Sentence/Example of Fought:

The reason it failed is that people argued against, fought and ultimately defeated dominant 18th-century values, often overcoming serious entrenched interests to do so.

The Bolts hoisted their second ever Stanley Cup on Monday night after dispatching the Dallas Stars 2-0, bringing to an end a hard-fought but ultimately comfortable series after six games.

It was under his auspices that the battle of Lepanto was fought, in which the Turks were so signally defeated.

And all the while she fought him, she punctuated her blows with words, some abusing him, others in defense of her father.

Two artillery subalterns who had fought their way through a mob stricken with panic for the moment, soon arrived.

They have fought countless bloody wars and have committed countless horrible atrocities in their zeal for Him.

When Europeans, native travelers and mails were swept out of existence they fought each other.

He fought with the Boers against us and has taken his immense bulk into one campaign after another.

This was when Don Joan Ronquillo, with that great fleet, went out and fought the one that the enemy maintained along these coasts.

Regular pitched battles were fought with sticks and staves and stones.