Fouling [verb]

Definition of Fouling:

make or become dirty

Synonyms of Fouling:

Opposite/Antonyms of Fouling:

Sentence/Example of Fouling:

A still more important question has arisen of late concerning the fouling of water.

It was a general fouling match, and the jabbering was terrific.

With incandescent electric light there is no combustion and no fouling of the air.

I'll accept your statement so far as the management goes, but someone is guilty of fouling up your registration lists.

As the lake was public property, it was not easy for the two "fouling" boys to find opportunities for practising their parts.

“Two lines overboard will be enough, or they will be fouling each other,” observed Truck.

Thanks to the quick action of Bill Carmody Moncrossen's scheme of fouling the upper drive had taken no toll of human life.

The Daily Intelligencer was spread on a newsstand, a smudgy black bannerhead fouling its pure bosom.

The revolver was then dusted as before, to ascertain the combined effects of dusting and fouling.

The hood on the front of the cylinder, about the base-pin hole, prevents fouling of base-pin.