Foulness [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Foulness:

This resembled the old bilge-water of a ship for foulness, but both men and oxen drank of it with avidity.

Though dogs I never did care for keeping, because it goes with drinking, foulness, and buffoonery!

Howard shut himself up in the cell and bore its darkness and foulness till nature could bear no more.

Milton makes his fiends too noble, and misses the foulness, inconstancy, and fury of wickedness.

The first day, in spite of the cell's foulness, I laughed secretly at jailers and felt at peace, holding the world at bay.

He saw its colours lying there plainly, shining, glittering, with none of the foulness of that lower world.

They asked no questions, but went where they were led, and the foulness of the close-packed steerage seemed to cling about them.

What else in general is the wide-spread and spreading pestilence, but a living propagation of foulness, corruption, and death?

The soldiers just reentering Maplewood smelled foulness and saw bright lights.

In such a desperate cause, a little stream Of blood might purge the foulness of their hearts If you'll prevent a deluge.Qu.