Foundational [adjective]

Definition of Foundational:

basic, fundamental

Synonyms of Foundational:

Opposite/Antonyms of Foundational:

Sentence/Example of Foundational:

This remarkable evolutionary conservation is a foundational concept in genome research.

Even some calamities that the world has avoided to date, such as a cyberattack on foundational global systems, should be part of scenario planning.

This year’s Digiday Technology Awards winners played foundational roles in enabling media companies and marketers to earn money from their content, reach their audiences and make the most of digital real estate.

For starters, the work Poly did on creating an extensive taxonomy to organize work into categories was foundational in creating better alignment.

Which is the foundational technique of most of the AI that we use today.

That it’s a foundational building block for everything else good that comes to people.

Elected head of the United Nations Human Rights Commission in London, she helped draft the foundational Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Now we know it not as a perverse blemish on American culture, but foundational to American culture.

Last year, for his foundational contributions to the field, Hinton was awarded the Turing Award, alongside other AI pioneers Yann LeCun and Yoshua Bengio.

They can also understand foundational journalistic concepts like fairness or the importance of accuracy.