Founders [noun]

Definition of Founders:

person who establishes an institution

Synonyms of Founders:

Opposite/Antonyms of Founders:

Sentence/Example of Founders:

He was one of the founders of Andover theological seminary, and contributed altogether about $125,000 to that institution.

A proposal has been made by iron founders to deliver these castings on the spot at 7l.

A stream never rises above its source, nor a home above the ideals of its founders.

Beloe says of this Smith that ‘he was a most singular character, and among the first founders of the sect of the Antinomians.’

A belief, such as we refer to, was promulgated amongst the Crusaders, and was fostered by the founders of the Inquisition.

The founders of your race are not handed down to you, like the fathers of the Roman people, as the sucklings of a wolf.

By driving the founders of the Plymouth Colony into exile, it constrained them to absolute separation irreconcilable.

Archbishop Parker was one of the founders of the Society of Antiquaries in 1572.

But about this time some among them set themselves up for founders of a new sect.

A secret society, whose founders belonged to the disaffected spirits of the nation, had already taken root in it for a long time.