Fount [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Fount:

O for a soda-fount spouting up boldlyFrom every hot lamp-post against the hot sky!

Now armed mobs fought around the temple each day and a new band of priests guarded the sacred fount.

But the fount of inspiration, the source of temporary elation and strength, had not been exhausted by Prometheus.

He opened the fount of Castalia, hidden by wild branches, and cleared the grove of laurels of thorns.

Mayo had been a man of the open—of wide horizons, drinking from the fount of all the air under the heavens.

One can't be too literal in dealing with the War Office, that notorious fount of clear and orderly diction.

Honourable will fiction (and the drama) then appear; honourable, a fount of life, an aid to life, quick with our blood.

And having got at him she held him, a bloodless spirit, a bodiless essence, in the fount of healing.

He had no lawful name; none knew if sponsors had ever stood security for his sins at the sacred fount.

I lived but to feed my mind; wisdom was my thirst, my dream, my aliment, my sole fount and sustenance of life.