Fountain [noun]

Definition of Fountain:

source, often of liquid

Synonyms of Fountain:

Opposite/Antonyms of Fountain:

Sentence/Example of Fountain:

They stood by a brick fountain outside the 50-foot buffer zone in which electioneering and harassment are prohibited.

The men’s bathroom at the local Regal here in upstate New York has had broken urinals and a broken water fountain since I moved here.

Luckily, newer fountain pen models are more reliable, with simple ink refills and secure caps that make these pens as mess free as they are beautiful.

Still, this fountain runs low whenever something depends on the third party.

For every serious entrepreneur, there is a fountain of energy that never runs dry in doing things.

At Buffalo, where this fountain was exhibited, it received honorable mention.

John was baptizing at a large pool called Ænon-by-Saleim,—probably allegorical, meaning “Fountain of Repose.”

A clock was put above the spot where the fountain stood, in April, 1852, which cost £60.

In the centre of many of the rooms there played a small fountain; in others there were four, one in each angle.

The Alle is not all on a level, but descends gradually from the springs to a fountain which is at the opposite end.