Foxhound [noun]

Definition of Foxhound:

a dog or horse bred for hunting

Synonyms of Foxhound:

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Sentence/Example of Foxhound:

The "Foxhound" was ordered down from Shanghai, and converted into a passenger steamer, for the benefit of our ship's company.

The poor little "Foxhound" had a lively time of it, and proved herself unequal to such a buffetting.

Suddenly a wave of recollection swept over him and he gave tongue like a foxhound.

It included two greyhounds, a rough-coated deerhound, a foxhound, and the fawn-colored crossbred mentioned above.

The foxhound is about two feet in height, and 120 of them would be considered an ample number for a quiet little fox hunt.

As I looked at him that evening, I noticed he did not have the long ears and heavy jaws of the common American deer or foxhound.

A drawing of a foxhound made when he was five years old is still exhibited as a remarkable production.

Mr. Nicol, late of Pall Mall, told me he saw an old foxhound deliberately drown itself, and was ready to make oath of it.

A friend of mine, an ardent sportsman, had a pointer crossed with a foxhound, and it was the only one he had.

It is impossible to enter upon a description of the foxhound without considerable diffidence.