Foxy [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Foxy:

The game did not work, for no man can both make and accept an offer at the same time, and that is what the foxy uncle tried to do.

In this foxy nature the wolf was not wanting, and under strong impulse he could be somewhat of a Pizarro.

"Good-bye, sir," he said as he went away, for he knew Foxy Braxted really rather liked him.

"Now the foxy little thing wants to incline mother to be comforted by pretending to pity them," Kurt declared.

"That's where you are sensible," declared the man with the foxy face.

He was smooth-shaved, and there was a cunning, foxy look about his face.

He's a pretty foxy guy, that man Horton, from all I hear about him!

Hermes/Mercury, slim and wily, with a foxy face and quick movements, had slipped in silently.

Not less than half a score of small, foxy-looking dogs were around him—true native dogs of the country.

Now, the trouble is, we don't know whose herd this may be, and you must play innocent and foxy.