Fragile [adjective]

Definition of Fragile:

breakable, dainty

Synonyms of Fragile:

Opposite/Antonyms of Fragile:

Sentence/Example of Fragile:

Predictions for a catch-up rally have repeatedly failed over the years, and an uptick in virus cases and travel restrictions threaten an already fragile economic recovery.

When we learn to be comfortable with ourselves, we are in a position to see and appreciate how others are different from us rather than just relying on them to support our fragile sense of self.

The quantum states at the heart of today’s quantum computers are fragile things.

This impending paradigm shift could be a threat to the stability of our fragile system, but only if it is not fully anticipated.

He used a somewhat similar imaging tool last summer in the Gulf of Alaska and can think of plenty of fragile, filmy creatures that he would love to scan.

She led the new study to learn how a “brainless, fragile animal” conquers new environments.

I wouldn’t say our food system is fragile, but we’re certainly experiencing a very unusual strain on our food system that we haven’t seen in recent years.

Bang went the fragile bulb, as it splintered into a thousand atoms, and the mercury shot in sparkling globules over the table.

A fragile arm twined itself about his neck and he kissed her on the lips.

But children came and died too quickly for her health and fragile beauty, and the storms of life beset her.