Fragmentation [noun]

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Working with János Török, a specialist in computer simulations, and Ferenc Kun, an expert on fragmentation physics, Domokos found that cuboid averages showed up in rock types like gypsum and limestone as well.

The world is entering a new, more intense era of fragmentation that is going to change the way the internet works.

Ryan Davis, a Trinity University aerosol expert, looked at this specific scenario and estimated that fragmentation was unlikely at the air velocities the researchers tested.

Social media’s role has not been to dramatically change the direction of this system, but to intensify the polarization and fragmentation it causes.

The pandemic highlighted many longstanding systemic flaws in the health care system, including fragmentation, inaccessibility, high costs, and health outcome disparities.

The fragmentation bombs were a late development in this class of work.

The multiple fragmentation of the SA stock presumably terminated by the end of the Pliocene.

We are very good at fragmentation-it defines our narrow specialties.

The earliest American requirement in this production was for defensive grenades, of the fragmentation type.

Nursing as caring resists fragmentation of the unitary phenomenon of our discipline.