Fragmented [verb]

Definition of Fragmented:

break into pieces

Synonyms of Fragmented:

Opposite/Antonyms of Fragmented:








Sentence/Example of Fragmented:

The company’s CEO, Oliver Kharraz, says the years spent bridging a fragmented health-care system unknowingly prepared it for taking on covid-19 vaccination appointments.

He ran a popular competition in Philadelphia and established a Pro Breaking Tour and a nonprofit membership organization called Urban Dance & Educational Foundation with a vision of drawing together the fragmented breaking world.

Delays in vaccinations are partially the result of vaccine supply shortages, and partially the result of fragmented, underfunded healthcare systems lacking in federal support.

The market for holistic health is fragmented and there was nothing connecting symptoms to a provider’s capability.

Connecting fragmented habitats can boost biodiversity, research shows.

Gett is disrupting and transforming a fragmented market delivering ever-critical cost optimisation and client satisfaction.

It was too fragmented to share with people that becoming the person I am today—who maybe some people are looking up to—was a roller coaster, labyrinthian process.

The one thing we know for sure is a fragmented approach does not work.

As she struggles to make sense of new information, her writing becomes more fragmented and impressionistic.

JD Health CEO Xin Lijun told Bloomberg that no one company can establish a monopoly in online health care given the industry’s fragmented nature and tight state controls around medical services.