Fragments [noun]

Definition of Fragments:

part, chip

Synonyms of Fragments:

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Sentence/Example of Fragments:

The attempt at social change threatens a social revolution in which the whole elaborate mechanism would burst into fragments.

Small fragments of mucous membrane may be found, and when examined by a pathologist, may occasionally establish the diagnosis.

Here, said Toby, as the young Jew placed some fragments of food and a bottle upon the table, Success to the crack!

Rather striking is the tendency of old squamous cells to retain the red stain, and fragments of such cells may mislead the unwary.

Some arcading; a vaulted passage; fragments of Early English mouldings: these are all.

Christianity seems to be a composite religion, made up of fragments of religions of far greater antiquity.

The fragments thus delivered to the sea are in turn broken up and used as battering instruments until they are worn to pieces.

Now and then one of the fragments is tossed up beyond the reach of the waves, and is contributed to the wall of the beach.

He placed his heel upon the boards, which at once broke into fragments beneath his weight.

They would fall off in forsaken fragments from the great bond of union which now adorns and beautifies all society.