Framed [adjective]

Definition of Framed:

surrounded by a frame

Synonyms of Framed:

Opposite/Antonyms of Framed:


Sentence/Example of Framed:

It lay framed within his thoughts, isolated from the rest of life, isolated somehow even from the immediate present.

He glanced rather wistfully in a puzzled way at the lovely little face framed with blowing golden hair.

Then the candle flickered and she was gone—gone utterly—and the door framed nothing but empty darkness.

As the company framed the policy all of its provisions in its favor are strictly construed.

They were framed with malignant ingenuity, so as to leave no chance of escape save in open apostasy.

There are other expressions, framed upon this "lucus a non lucendo" principle, which may fairly be classed among contre-vrits.

Tallard carried with him instructions carefully framed in the French Foreign Office.

It had, indeed, been framed for the express purpose of flattering and of inflaming them.

It had the effect of sea-water, and her gray hat, with its pale green wreath, framed the golden-gray of her hair.

Another set of articles was framed by the conference, which declared that the acceptance of them should be compulsory.