Frameworks [noun]

Definition of Frameworks:

foundation, core

Synonyms of Frameworks:

Opposite/Antonyms of Frameworks:


Sentence/Example of Frameworks:

The young germinating plants are shaded by frameworks of sticks covered with grass or leaves.

Pragmatic frameworks are not chosen, like food from a menu or toppings from a list.

He was pretty sure the frameworks of science, as he knew them, wouldn't be able to tell you.

The guns on the parapet were mostly field-pieces, mounted on frameworks of wood instead of regular carriages.

The first objects were merely frameworks of metal pipe, which men were welding together unbreakably.

Their walls are mere screens in bricks or wood, mere frameworks for tapestry.

But beyond these established frameworks they have been individualistic and highly idiosyncratic at all times.

Once a man became a full-fledged Extrapolator he was outside all law, all frameworks, all duty, all social mores.

At something over twelve miles height, seven aggregations of clumsy black things clung to frameworks of steel, pushing valorously.

We came to where the pickets stood behind bulwarks of stone in frameworks of saplings.