Frankness [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Frankness:

Here was a return for his frankness—his straightforward conduct—his unequalled liberality.

Her eyes were very bright, no shadows in their depths; she returned his gaze with untroubled frankness.

All the urbanity of Frenchmen, joined with the delightful frankness of the profession, assured us we were welcome.

I am sure youre a sight, she commented, with sisterly frankness; all doubled up and your forehead screwed into knots.

She congratulated me with apparent frankness, and asked for Miss Treherne's address, saying she would write to her.

But I must add at the same time that I was equally sensible of the obliging frankness with which you communicate your objections.

I have a 337 great talent for compliment, accompanied by a hateful, even a diabolic frankness.

"No, I don't write lovely notes," disputed Genevieve, with unexpected frankness.

I am, however, inclined to think that they meant it all in good part, and spoke to us in perfect kindness and frankness of heart.

I do not know you; I see you to-day for the first time, and, excuse my frankness, it is to arrange an act of treachery.