Frat [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Frat:

There’s a lot more kids back to school than this… It’s not like they are going to a frat party in Arizona where nobody is minding any protocols at all.

Now there’s added concern from other students and community members because frat parties continue.

"It has nothing to do with the secret proceedings of your 'frat'," said Dora, primly.

The too fatherly "frat seniors" did all that Fred said they would, and more.

The train pulled out with a last cheer from the frat fellows, and Burt and Howard realized that they were actually off.

They told him all their news, what games had been won, who had made Phi Beta Kappa, and what had happened at the frat.

I asked him straight out if it was to curry favor with the frat.

The chapter needed roomers to help pay the rent for the Frat.

He wouldn't mind engineering, but the old grads in his Frat.

By no stretch of imagination could these wet trenches be thought greatly to concern the "frat," the Lumen, or the university.