Fraternization [noun]

Definition of Fraternization:


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Sentence/Example of Fraternization:

With this bar to congenial juvenile fraternization removed, Donald felt free to begin life on a new plane.

A general fraternization ensued, and the late enemies and temporary friends regaled each other at various banquets.

Better yet, where in all Fiji was fraternization more simple?

An alliance marked by close fraternization always ends in cannon shot.

Foster district and local societies to afford mutual instruction, and strengthen fraternization.

At Petropavlovsk there was an amusing fraternization between the crews of the Variag and the Wright.

HE Jacobins, in realizing their systems of fraternization, always contrived to be the elder brothers.

Incidentally he disposed of the suggestion that there had been anything in the way of fraternization.

Often, it is the name mostly that holds a party together, and that forms the limit of sympathy and fraternization.

The mass beside the atom; the strip of ruined wall and the broken bowl,—threatening fraternization of every sort of rubbish.