Fratricidal [adjective]

Definition of Fratricidal:

involving conflict within a group

Synonyms of Fratricidal:

Opposite/Antonyms of Fratricidal:


Sentence/Example of Fratricidal:

Who could tell whether a fratricidal struggle might not ensue?

"It is my duty to prevent this fratricidal war, if possible," replied Ignatius, mildly.

The death of Ludwig the Pious was the signal for a succession of fratricidal wars.

I wont spoil your fishing, said Alice, fearing fratricidal strife.

War was now brooding over Canada—the fratricidal War of 1812.

This was nearly the last shot fired during that hateful and fratricidal war.

In several of the preceding chapters the causes which led the United States into its great fratricidal war have been given.

When the combat was at its height two brothers met and grappled in fratricidal strife.

There occurred mysterious disappearances of officers guilty of having given utterance to their horror at this fratricidal war.

He recognised Don Alonzo and his friends at once, for they had been intimates of his before the outbreak of this fratricidal war.