Fraught [adjective]

Definition of Fraught:

full of

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Sentence/Example of Fraught:

It’s a fraught category but may be helpful in understanding the merits of the show.

Our relationship was fraught on that show — we were either the best of friends or the worst of enemies over the course of even a day, because we were all these young, hormonal teen boys.

Drawing comparisons across cultures and time periods is a fraught business.

Some say their students are too young to understand, while others say the subject is too fraught with emotion and political controversy to deal with at any length — or at all.

It’s a fraught environment, not a place where any one person gets to make all the decisions.

Though the mask obscured his clenched jaw, it signaled for almost everyone else in the Senate caucus the fraught road that Hawley and his co-conspirators will have to navigate going forward.

It makes watching the chaotic vaccine rollout even more fraught.

While regional differences in education and turnout can give us some insight into whether people with or without bachelor’s degrees are voting, this type of ecological inference is also fraught.

Callimachi’s defenders have said that her reporting on terrorism has been a crucial contribution in better understanding the group, and that fact-checking terrorists is an inherently fraught endeavor.

In many ways, the pandemic has exposed how fraught and unstable our systems of collective well-being really are.