Frazzled [verb]

Definition of Frazzled:

wear out

Synonyms of Frazzled:

Opposite/Antonyms of Frazzled:

Sentence/Example of Frazzled:

I’ve been staring at my laptop for seven hours, and I’m frazzled from being on deadline.

She patiently explains to her frazzled callers that the hornets are being intercepted nearly 3,000 miles away across an entire continent.

If you have been cooking for any number of years, you probably have a few recipes that are like old friends you count on when you’re tired and frazzled.

Joshua Rivera says his house recipe — a fried egg over rice with a mix of hot sauce and ketchup — was just what his mom made when she was frazzled, money was tight, and she still had four kids to feed.

He recovered his documents, but arrived in the United States “frazzled,” in the words of best friend and fellow esports player Hafiz Adeel Javed.

Finally, after what seemed an interminable period of waiting, Mac's patience frazzled out and he declared for action.

The poor fellow looked so old and frazzled that Odin could not recognize him.

I am not prone on my green couch, frayed, frazzled, bowed-down in spirit from a day of frightful stress and cross-purpose.

No woman—not even a frazzled-out newspaper woman—could receive the love and care that they gave me, and fail to flourish under it.

I've frazzled out leather on his hide that cost more than he did, but I never went after him right.