Freaking [verb]

Definition of Freaking:

become extraordinarily upset

Synonyms of Freaking:

Opposite/Antonyms of Freaking:


Sentence/Example of Freaking:

So, maybe he can shut his freaking pie hole and stop being weird.

It pays for their freaking $40,000 furniture allotment for their offices while we have families starving in the street.

To put it in technical terms, the Premier League has lost its freaking mind.

It’s a guy in a jet suit after all, which is pretty freaking cool.

“How freaking lucky were NBC and Fox and then WarnerMedia, once they add advertising to HBO Max, that they onboarded some streaming platforms during this upfront,” said one agency executive.

"Someone freaking stabbed him in the crowd," Jolu said, his hands clenching into fists.

He and I watched the news together, him gloating, me shrinking away, quietly freaking out.

I couldn't freaking believe that I was about to stop what I was about to stop doing, when I was about to stop doing it.