Freakish [adjective]

Definition of Freakish:

abnormal, unusual

Synonyms of Freakish:

Opposite/Antonyms of Freakish:

Sentence/Example of Freakish:

The images look unsettling and freakish—nothing like the hyperrealistic deepfakes generated by GANs—but they might demonstrate a promising new direction for achieving more generalizable intelligence, and perhaps smarter robots as well.

The result can be a freakish tendency to see human expressions where none exist.

Rosa was a spoiled, wayward child, freakish and mischievous, to whom liberty was too dear to be resigned without a sigh.

For it was already being borne in upon me that freakish chance had swept me into the orbit of the thing we spell Romance.

The face and head were freakish—monstrous; and yet, somehow, over it rested an expression of infinite wisdom and calm.

In aristocratic gatherings, the freakish whims of the almost forgotten Nadina Lubimoff were brought to memory and discussed again.

For weeks now his life had been in ferment, his moods as freakish as the wind.

The Klondike is as alluring as a pretty woman and equally as freakish.

"The freakish beauty of your perfect, unmatched eyes," he prompted.

By some mischance, one of the willows bordering the pool grew at a freakish angle.