Freaky [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Freaky:

There was a freaky poetry to the Weeknd’s halftime show at this year’s Super Bowl where a crowd of 25,000 funneled into Tampa’s Raymond James Stadium and hopefully didn’t go home sick.

“This is so freaky and weird,” said King, who regained her composure and called on viewers to vote and, backstage, explained why she wore the message shirt.

It was pretty freaky to know that the code I wrote would be used by hundreds of thousands of people, tomorrow!

I mean I had to just keep callin' her 'you'; and that gets kind of freaky when you're talkin' to anybody a good while like that.

Bass are freaky fish, and one never knows just when they will take a notion to scorn all efforts at their capture.

They made islands and peninsulas and isthmuses of green that were odd and freaky.

The rancher had been stripped of every vestige of clothing by the freaky lightning.

They'd been watching my subway use and wanted to know why it had been so freaky lately.

It was also freaky -- it made me realize that the next day, I was going to go away.

It is abrupt, freaky, unexpected, and always communicates a little wholesome shock.