Freckle [noun]

Definition of Freckle:

small discoloration on skin

Synonyms of Freckle:

Opposite/Antonyms of Freckle:


Sentence/Example of Freckle:

These life hacks range from turning an old pair of jeans into a messenger bag to making fake freckles with eyeshadow to turning a pair of wide-legged pants into a body-con dress.

Wonder isn’t something you’re either born with or not, like blue eyes or freckles.

But it was quite plain that the freckle-faced girl had nobody to care much for her, or about her.

But Jessie Norwood, her attention drawn to the freckle-faced child who stood there so composedly, motioned Burd to halt.

The freckle-faced girl began systematically to fill up the hollow with which she was accredited.

Every individual freckle on her thin, sharp face seemed to shine as though there was some radiance behind it.

The freckle-faced boy, sitting on his pony with easy confidence, answered his companion's questions absently.

When the freckle-faced boy took his unexpected plunge, it chanced that neither cowboys nor Pony Riders were looking his way.

On the step she collided with a red headed, freckle-faced young man who asked for Mr. Traill.

Her face was a true oval, and her complexion of that kind which tans readily but does not freckle.