Freckled [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Freckled:

She could just put out her hands and make motions at the freckled little girl.

In fact, he got that girl and little, freckled Henrietta Haney rather mixed up in his mind.

Then there was the freckled-faced small boy in number three whose antics kept his mother in a continual state of "nerves."

The freckled boy who had brought her the note two weeks earlier was to wait with the buggy at Hepburn till their return.

The frown on his freckled face grew deeper, and for a long time he sat without moving.

His face was round and freckled, almost cherubic, under a shock of sandy hair, but there were merry little devils in his eyes.

"Let him see me if he likes," retorted Edith, shaking her red curls and tilting her freckled nose upward.

Do not apply any lotions to the freckled face without medical337 advice, for great harm may be done the tender skin of the child.

Just as I caught up on them I heard one say to the other, "This ugly, freckled girl will disgrace us if she comes with us."

Mr. Scroff is especially delighted to meet you, he added, lifting the hat from the red, cropped hair and freckled ears.