Freebooters [noun]

Definition of Freebooters:

pillager, raider

Synonyms of Freebooters:

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Sentence/Example of Freebooters:

Of life and property a fierce freebooter despoiled mankind; over the ways beset by him might no one living pass.

Bootmakers, like tailors, commonly sit cross-legged at their work, and hold pronounced political views; hence the term freebooter.

The freebooter of the green-pea trade touched his wet forelock respectfully.

We soon discovered crab-claws projecting from its shell, and recognized it as a hermit-crab, an original freebooter.

Johnnie Armstrong, the famous Border freebooter, took his title from this place, whereof not a stone remains.

In the end he became a valorous freebooter, with a following of the sons of noble families.

I do not know why I am not now a pirate, a freebooter, a pickpocket, or a nuisance to myself and the world in some other capacity.

But is he not more of a freebooter and feathered bandit,—in short, a prowling thief generally?

It was merely an application of the freebooter's maxim, that "dead men tell no tales."

Drums beating, trumpets blowing, torches aflare, the English freebooter marched straight to the market.