Freethinker [noun]

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The following pages are reprinted, with some alterations and additions, from the columns of the Freethinker.

There are as many plausible reasons for inducing me to die a bigot as there have been to make me hitherto live a freethinker.

Lick, the Freethinker, built and endowed the great observatory which is one of the glories of America.

If he behaves himself, if he is intelligent and honest, his actions are not materially different from those of a good Freethinker.

With equal propriety one might say of an upright Christian, "He is a rational Freethinker because he believes in morality."

This made it easy for him to emancipate himself from the slavery of priestcraft and become and remain a Freethinker.

I affirmed that he was an Infidel or Freethinker, during the thirty years that he resided in Illinois.

As a Freethinker he was one of the most tender and humane of men, ever solicitous for the welfare of his fellow-beings.

To superficial people it was quite often used synonymously with "infidel" and "freethinker," both words of reproach.

The Freethinker, treated as a moral leper, is driven from his home and goes abroad to expiate his sin of unorthodoxy.