Freeway [noun]

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Some consider trucking to be an attractive market for a self-driving startup because freeways are a relatively simple environment for software to understand.

Before the SkyGuardian was rerouted to the desert, General Atomics had planned to use its technologies to detect speeders on the freeway.

At night, after his wife, Gail, fell asleep, he sneaked out of the house with his teenage son to drive the empty freeways and cruise by the shuttered brick downtown, letting the cold wind hit his skin.

Their daily commutes can also be a nightmare, even before they reach the freeway.

I grew up associating SANDAG with the signs on the side of the freeway.

It’s also a sail in the wind, which is definitely scary when hauling down the freeway at 70 miles per hour.

You know, you saw the buildings had fallen, a lot of the freeways.

This is crucial for its autonomous trucking research because the long drives on the freeway could provide a wealth of much-needed data.

Palos Verdes sticking up near Long Beach of course, and a few inland neighborhoods on lines of low hills like Puente Hills and Rose Hill, and back where the freeways meet around San Dimas.

Coffey Park is surrounded not by vegetation but by concrete and malls and freeways.