Freight [noun]

Definition of Freight:

goods being shipped

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Sentence/Example of Freight:

This year, electric vehicle startups have gone public in droves on those terms, with multibillion-dollar valuations doled out to innovators like QuantumScape, a battery developer, and Hyliion, which makes electrified powertrains for freight trucks.

Diesel engines are the workhorses of freight transportation and agriculture — and by extension keep the economy fed and well supplied.

Accordingly, Horowitz encouraged Tristan to abandon a few of his earliest ideas—one to revolutionize freight, another tackling childhood obesity with play—and instead to pursue this thing he was uniquely experienced to execute.

Rose, who is Reliable’s chief executive officer, says the company’s business plan is to equip a fleet of Cessna 208 Caravans with its self-flying systems and use them for air freight deliveries.

A similar subscription model is planned by Nikola, but Nikola is focused largely on commercial electric freight trucks and is expected to require more commitment from customers.

We made the freight camp, however, just as the storm cut loose in deadly earnest.

You know that if there was anything they wanted they weren't taking any risk by going to any freight camp.

Faintly outlined among the trees, Jess saw an old freight or box car.

By sheer good fortune a big tree stump stood under the door of the freight car, or the children never could have opened it.

They could see nothing at all, for the freight car was tightly made, and all outside was nearly as black as night.