Freighter [noun]

Definition of Freighter:

wheeled vehicle for hauling

Synonyms of Freighter:

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Sentence/Example of Freighter:

The red bottom-plates of a submarine freighter came rolling up behind the surge to show how futile was the might of man.

Jandron only means that Miss Mallen is much more comfortable on this passenger-ship than she'd be in your freighter.

Ummm—seems so—wasn't she the big freighter that disappeared many years ago?

The freighter had a long black-snake whip, and was snapping it about the ears of the leaders.

The two machines glided up the slope, leaving the baffled and swearing freighter far behind.

Matt whirled away from the freighter, to help Chub get the motor-cycles down.

Hardly were the two machines on the ground, when the boys heard the freighter yell and saw him charge toward them.

A week during which the naval party got a freighter from the South Street docks and brought her round into the Hudson.

However, he was glad that this new opportunity offered him a chance to hide himself in the isolation of a freighter's pilot-house.

I have telephoned down to the docks, and there's a Vose freighter in here discharging rails.