Frenetic [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Frenetic:

Other research shows teens have been getting more sleep and feeling less taxed by their formerly frenetic schedules.

However, confronting the covid crisis has been an ongoing case of catch-up, trying to find and correlate critical data to save lives, and Geraghty doesn’t want to see that level of frenetic activity repeated.

NBA free agency tends to be frenetic, but this year’s delayed and condensed period was a full-fledged speed-dating session.

Laimbeer said he didn’t change much tactically, and the Aces didn’t even play at their typical frenetic pace.

During the day, these hummingbirds’ tiny-yet-mighty hearts can beat 1,200 times a minute to power their frenetic lifestyle.

Never in my life did I hear such frenetic and yet cordial applause.

“Frenetic to be free,” like the pennon, is in this sense the concentration of its meaning.

And the toy flag there floated where he raised it aloft, "frenetic," as Browning says, "to be free."

His coal-black eyes suddenly flashed with fanatic, frenetic light.

There was in him the frenetic unconscious desire to rid himself of the thing he had come to believe inferior.