Frenziedly [adjective]

Definition of Frenziedly:

wildly, fiercely

Opposite/Antonyms of Frenziedly:

Sentence/Example of Frenziedly:

Scattergood, out of the corner of his eye, saw them rush together and confer frenziedly.

Frenziedly she caught at the heavy oaken table, and began to drag it across the room as Garnache had begged her.

He snatched up the topmost sheet, scanned it, and another, while Swanson was frenziedly searching through the drawers.

The pair looked over the edge of the floor, then recoiled, frenziedly hugging the flooring under them.

The Indians frenziedly applauded these words, which promised them so attractive a spectacle for the morrow.

In confusion I arose, snatched up the pancake-looking affair, which I frenziedly held up to public gaze.

Up rose the chant as they were dragged away; fiercer grew the stamping; frenziedly the cherry stones clicked in the turtle shell.

He loved her with the love of a man who has reached the confines which separate youth from age; that is, furiously and frenziedly.

The Boers against whom you equipped volunteers fought frenziedly for three years not to be under others!

The present picture shows Radha frenziedly contemplating her lonely state.