Frequencies [noun]

Definition of Frequencies:

commonness, repetitiveness

Synonyms of Frequencies:

Opposite/Antonyms of Frequencies:

Sentence/Example of Frequencies:

By agreement, the countdown was to be broadcast to all aircraft over one of the airport frequencies.

I've even tried a dozen frequencies that couldn't possibly reach them, and I haven't stirred them up a bit.

The intermediate frequencies give us the intermediate colors blue-green and orange.

By vibration frequencies is meant the rate at which the ether vibrates, the number of vibrations a second.

The higher frequencies give us the colors blue and green, and the lower frequencies give us the colors yellow and red.

If the reader wishes to know something about these frequencies, such information can be found in a textbook on physics.

When all the vibration frequencies affect the eyes at the same time, we see no color at all but only brightness.

Despite mitigative regulations in 1979, observers noted that whale-vessel interactions continued at substantial frequencies.

How many beats per second will occur when two tuning forks having frequencies of 512 and 515 respectively, are sounded together?

The high tonal register and the "bass" or low frequencies are emphasized by turning the tone control knob.