Fret [verb]

Definition of Fret:

worry, be annoyed

Synonyms of Fret:

Opposite/Antonyms of Fret:

Sentence/Example of Fret:

Rose, l. 4705, And through the fret full, read A trouthe fret full.'

Hence were, in the next line, must mean to wear away, to fret; cf. note to 4712.

Strange to say, to the astonishment of all but Lucy, young Mrs. Haggard continued to "fret."

Davie would be well away, for he would fret about his grandmother, and that would do neither of them any good.

And the woman laughed, and said, Truly, thou doest ill to fret thyself for such a matter.

But the contemplation of his grief disturbs his equanimity more and more, and he begins to fret and fume.

“Ah, my dear, you careless young people make jokes of things that would fret us old ones to fiddle-strings,” reproved Mrs. Cramp.

It will either fret or pine itself to death, or beat itself to death against the bars of its cage.

Susannah pulled off her mask, as if the fret of it was beyond bearing, and gave him a glowing look.

"Don't you fret any about that, Perk," answered Chub, with a wink at Penny as he lifted himself erect.