Fretfulness [noun]

Definition of Fretfulness:

extreme anxiety

Synonyms of Fretfulness:

Opposite/Antonyms of Fretfulness:

Sentence/Example of Fretfulness:

The pain came back at intervals during the day; and with fretfulness, threw her into a fever.

And then he becomes fretful, and conscious that such fretfulness is beneath him and injurious to his honour.

My very first observation of the whimsical being tickled me with a kind of foreknowledge of all his weak fretfulness.

At the start unease and fretfulness marked the relations of each of the new States with the others.

With the fretfulness of disease, he refused to share in her satisfaction.

All their weariness and fretfulness and tumbles and aches are poured into her lap.

Now she was sometimes irritable, disclosing a fretfulness close under the untroubled surface.

Creation's wide field of animated existence inspires no such moodiness and fretfulness of spirit.

Inter alia, it may be remarked here that a certain fretfulness of temper characterizes most of the critics of Socialism.

Johnny Simms disappeared, after symptoms of fretfulness akin to those of an over-tired small boy.