Fretted [verb]

Definition of Fretted:

worry, be annoyed

Synonyms of Fretted:

Opposite/Antonyms of Fretted:

Sentence/Example of Fretted:

“I fretted and fumed all next day, and raised a great disturbance,” rejoined the old gentleman.

Besides the greater lands, the seas are fretted by a host of smaller dry areas, termed islands.

Another of the same class is played with a bow; it has but one string, but is fretted with the fingers.

The actual Deputy declared that he ‘fretted away his life in misery.’

At this time the minds of our yachtsmen were sorely fretted by the performance of the cutter 'Minerva' from Scotland.

She had been taught her notes, but that had only opened up possibilities, and fretted her till she was unhappy.

"If it were a matter of life and death, you could not be more obstinate," said her hostess, fretted at her unreasonableness.

In this world he never saw her again, and it seems that her passion soon fretted her frail life away.

Sometimes a blue miasmic haze settled down, and the dry raspy hides of the elephants grew damp and they fretted at their chains.

And, even if I could have got over that, the eternal feud fretted and tormented my nature.