Friable [adjective]

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Another specimen of sandstone is friable, of a light flesh-red colour, and apparently composed of the debris of granite.

At B will be observed the employment of masonry to strengthen the crumbling walls of the friable tufa.

They are sometimes very friable, sometimes very hard; and some that are friable when they first fall, become hard afterwards.

The top-spit earth from an upland pasture, loamy, friable, and well reduced; 3.

The bottoms are of rich friable earth, and afford grass of various kinds, among others that of red clover.

Tan, or tannin, as it is more correctly called, is a substance of a friable texture and a highly pronounced but hygienic odour.

At Whitecliff Bay the fossils are, unfortunately, very friable.

Oxy-cellulose, a white friable powder, is produced by means of strong mineral acids.

The ground presents a great many friable rocks of pudding-stone, distributed in irregular strata.

The best ground for this plant is an open, somewhat friable clay, mingled with sand and mould.