Friary [noun]

Definition of Friary:

building that houses monks, nuns, or priests; church

Synonyms of Friary:

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Sentence/Example of Friary:

A search was then instituted through the friary and its grounds, and finally the Huguenots succeeded in discovering the body.

At a short distance west, a residence occupying part of the site, are remains of a Carmelite friary, founded here in 1240.

It occurred in the chief house of the Friary, then a district declining fast in respectability.

No; he stayed just as humble and retiring as he was in the days when he used to wash dishes in the mountain friary.

Huts of mud and timber, as mean as the huts around them, rose within the rough fence and ditch that bounded the Friary.

He built the two houses, the friary for the lay brethren and the monastery for the monks.

They were standing at the gate of the Friary by this time; but Mr. Drummond still lingered.

During his ministry, the friary at Oxford was greatly enlarged.

On the other hand it must be remembered that a friary produced its own books.

Whether the island lay to the south or west of the Friary is not certain.