Fricassee [verb]

Definition of Fricassee:

boil, smolder

Synonyms of Fricassee:

Opposite/Antonyms of Fricassee:

Sentence/Example of Fricassee:

I shall use this chicken for fricassee; it has been singed, picked and wiped with a wet towel.

In cooking chicken for fricassee you want to have the pieces about one size, so that they will cook easily.

Part of the chicken I am going to make into a brown fricassee, and part of it I am going to fry.

Cover up the sauce pan after the fricassee is seasoned, and cook it until it is tender.

To keep the fricassee white, cover it (while stewing) with a sheet of buttered paper laid over the fowls.

To prepare fricassee of chicken, clean and cut the bird into pieces according to the directions previously given.

The little fellows ate the fricassee with appetite, but they refused the nice, rich gravy, in which the cook had put macaroni.

For days a patient family had hen soup, hen croquettes, hen salad and hen fricassee, until the last culprit came to her end.

The rest of the forequarter can be used for fricassee, Scotch broth, croquettes, and many other dishes.

They were perfection, I shall have to dismiss Lorenzo without ceremony and procure me a cook that can make an oyster fricassee.