Frictions [noun]

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The benefits for advertisers who reduce friction in the consumer journey are numerous, and they include the following outcomes.

Governments are also reducing the frictions, fees, and charges that bog down the system.

There is only pressure and friction on the surface of the wing—also on the rest of the aircraft, but for the purposes of thinking about gliding, it’s enough to consider only the wing.

Using a computer model, the team then calculated the friction each pattern would produce on ice, vinyl or hardwood floors.

That reduces friction and lets the molecules slide past each other more easily.

As the waves travel toward land, friction with the sea floor slows them down.

While in motion, friction with the air slows the ball’s speed.

They’ve measured friction in a knuckleball’s seemingly knucklehead path.

This stream likely heats atmospheric particles up through friction.

So there would be a painful transition cost, but there wouldn’t be this very large friction that prevented them from ever re-entering or displace them forever.